Gravity Marketplace Flex Filter (FFL) Subscription Tiers

Flex Filter (FFL) 

Below is an overview of the features and functionality available 

The Flex Filter plugin has the following subscription tiers:

  • Free

To purchase the Flex Filter plugin, you can navigate to the subscription plans within your Twilio Flex instance. Please note, you must have the Gravity Marketplace installed into your account and be granted access to the Gravity Marketplace. 

Free Tier

$0/month, free forever

Below are the features included in Free tier:

  • Filter by Availability: This feature enables users to sort agents based on their availability to accept tasks.

  • Filter by Active Tasks: Users can utilize this function to categorize agents currently engaged in active tasks. By doing so, supervisors and administrators can quickly grasp workload distribution and identify agents actively handling responsibilities.

  • Filter by Agent's Assigned Channels: This feature facilitates filtering agents by the type of task channel they are assigned, like voice calls or SMS. Managers can focus on specific communication modes to evaluate agent performance efficiently.

  • Filter by Role: Flex Filters allows filtering based on the assigned Twilio Flex role. This capability tailors the view for supervisors and administrators by distinguishing between agents, supervisors, and administrators, aligning with their distinct managerial duties.


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