Gravity Marketplace Call Recording (CRS) Subscription Tiers

Call Recordings (CRS)

Below is an overview of the features and functionality available 

The Call Recording plugin has the following subscription tiers:

  • Free
  • Starter
  • Essentials

To purchase the Call Recording plugin, you can navigate to the subscription plans within your Twilio Flex instance. Please note, you must have the Gravity Marketplace installed into your account and be granted access to the Gravity Marketplace. 

Free Tier

$0/month, free forever

Below are the features included in Free tier:

  • Call Recording: Enable call recording. 

Starter Tier

$25/month or $275/year

Below are the features included in the Starter tier:

  • Dual Recordings: Enabling dual recordings captures separate customer and agent audio channels, enhancing transcription and facilitating third-party processing of call recordings. 

  • Global Inbound Call Settings: Configure global inbound call recording settings: Automatically records all inbound calls for default recording, Manually enable inbound call recordings for manual activation & Disable all inbound call recordings for global deactivation.

  • Global Outbound Call Settings: Configure global outbound call recording settings: Automatically record all outbound calls for automatic recording, Manually enable outbound call recordings for agent control and Disable all outbound call recordings for global deactivation. 

Essentials Tier

$50/month or $550/year

Below are the features included in the Essentials tier:

  • Pause Recordings: Agents can pause and resume voice call recordings based on configuration. Enhances control over recording, ensuring privacy and compliance. Pause button on agent desktop with notifications.

  • Pause Recording Behavior: Customize pause behavior during call recordings: Record silence when paused retains pauses without audio and Skip when paused trims paused sections for streamlined recordings, adapting to operational needs.

  • Advance Call recording configuration: Allow users to view and edit advance configuration settings based on queues. 


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