Call Recording (CRS) | Subscription Plans

Call Recordings (CRS)

Below is an overview of the capabilities provided by the Call Recordings plugin to enhance your Twilio Flex contact center operations.

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The Call Recordings plugin includes the following subscription plans:

  • Free
  • Starter
  • Essentials

To purchase the Call Recordings plugin, you can navigate to the subscription plans within your Twilio Flex instance. Please note, you must have the Gravity Marketplace installed into your account and be granted access to the Gravity Marketplace. 

If you do not have a Gravity Marketplace account sign up for a free account today!

Free Plan

$0/month, free forever

Start your journey with our Free plan, offering key features at no cost, providing a solid foundation for your needs.

Our free plan includes the following capabilities:

  • Call Recordings: Take control of call recordings effortlessly within Twilio Flex. Our call recordings feature empowers users to globally enable or disable call recordings. Experience automated recording for both inbound and outbound calls, ensuring flexibility and compliance with ease.

Starter Plan

$50/month or $550/year

Elevate your capabilities with the Starter plan, incorporating all Free tier features and introducing additional functionalities to enhance your experience.

Our starter plan includes all of the free plan features, plus the following capabilities:

  • Dual Recordings: Elevate your call recording capabilities with Dual Recordings. Capture distinct customer and agent audio channels, fostering improved transcription accuracy and facilitating seamless third-party processing of call recordings.
  • Global Inbound Call Recordings: Tailor your inbound call recording preferences effortlessly within your contact center. Configure automatic recording for all calls globally, or allow agents to manually enable inbound call recordings as required or disable all inbound call recordings.
  • Global Outbound Call Recordings: Take charge of global outbound call recordings with ease. Configure automatic recording for all calls or grant agents the flexibility to manually enable call recordings or disable outbound call recordings globally within the contact center. 

Essentials Plan

$125/month or $1,375/year

Unlock advanced tools and resources with the Essentials plan, designed to cater to growing demands and streamline your workflow effortlessly.

Our essentials plan includes all of the starter plan features, plus the following capabilities:

  • Pause Recording: Empower agents to seamlessly manage call recordings with the Pause Recording feature. Agents can easily pause and unpause call recordings during conversations, preventing sensitive information from being captured. Enhance privacy and compliance while maintaining control over the recording process for a more secure customer interaction.  
  • Pause Recordings Behavior: Define the behavior of call recordings when an agent pauses during a live call effortlessly. Choose between saving paused sections with silence or skipping them in the saved call recording. Tailor the settings to align with your preferences, providing flexibility and control over how paused segments are handled in the recorded interactions.
  • Queue Based Call Recordings: Exercise precise control over call recordings in your contact center by configuring diverse settings based on the queue. For instance, automate recording for all calls in your Sales queue without the ability to pause, while allowing allow Customer Service queue calls to be recorded automatically with ability for agents to pause inbound calls. Easily tailor call recording settings to match your unique needs, enhancing flexibility and customization within your contact center.


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