Flex Filter (FFL) | Subscription Plans

Flex Filter (FFL) 

Below is an overview of the capabilities provided by the Flex Filters plugin to enhance your Twilio Flex contact center operations.

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The Flex Filter plugin includes the following subscription plans:

  • Free

To purchase the Flex Filter plugin, you can navigate to the subscription plans within your Twilio Flex instance. Please note, you must have the Gravity Marketplace installed into your account and be granted access to the Gravity Marketplace.

If you do not have a Gravity Marketplace account sign up for a free account today!

Free Tier

$0/month, free forever

Our free plan includes the following capabilities:

  • Agent Availability Filter: Streamline your team management in the contact center with the Agent Availability Filter. Easily sort agents on the Teams view based on their availability to accept task assignments.
  • Active Tasks Filter: Enhance your contact center oversight with the Active Tasks Filter. Swiftly toggle between agents with or without active task assignments for a clearer view. 
  • Agent's Assigned Channels Filter: Streamline agent management in your contact center by swiftly sorting them based on assigned communication channels. With the Agents' Assigned Channels Filter, gain instant access to relevant teams, optimizing communication and ensuring efficient task distribution.
  • Assigned Role Filter: Efficiently customize your team view in the contact center with the Assigned Role Filter. Quickly display users based on their assigned roles, streamlining oversight and simplifying team management.


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